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What is a Monarch Butterfly Winning Proposal? 


Whether you are a non-profit or a for-profit, at Monarch Butterfly Enterprises we consider our team of qualified writers as Attorneys that make your case in writing. We take your vision and write a winning grant application to fulfill your mission and purpose for your non-profit organization. In fulfilling your business needs, we will answer that Request for Proposal (RFP) to win the bid.  With us, we are providing a butterfly effect of successful winning proposal awards. We will work with you at any level of the Four G's below:

Get Ready

You have a great idea for a non-profit organization and you don't know where to begin? What is the paperwork that I need to file? Who should be on my Board of Directors? What are By-Laws? We can guide you through the maze of paperwork.

Get Set

You have filed your non-profit organization paperwork and have just received your IRS Determination letter, now what? We can help with structuring your program.


You are seeking funding through various funders.  We can help you with identifying your funding pool and proposal writing to sustain your organization.


You are an existing non-profit organization and need help raising the bar of funding for your organization with multiple strategies.

We have assisted in writing the winning grant awards for the following: Parks | Electric Charging Station | Electric Vehicles for Police | Playground | After School Programs | Single Mother Programs | Women Programs | Young Men Programs | Mentoring Programs | Electric Vehicles for Staff | Neighborhood Housing Programs | Salaries for Staff | Stormwater Grants | Sustainable Communities Designation | Solar panels | Energy Efficient Housing Programs | Street Projects | Fitness Programs | Main Street Designation | Sustainable Maryland Certified | Day Care | Summer Camps | Federal grant funding | Vacant Lot Clean-Up Grant | Community Development Block Grant | Baltimore City Vacant2Values | Women's Construction Homeownership Program| Tutoring Program | Capital Campaign | Architectural and Pre-Development costs | Stormwater Infrastructure Program | Foundation grants | Capacity Building grants | Scholarship programs | Sponsorship program | Workforce program | Technical Assistance | Healthy Home program | Church Summer Camp | Financial Literacy grant |

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