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1. INITIAL MEETING  - Discuss the Need.​

The need is critical towards sustaining the organization in funding.  This can be one grant application but many times our clients are more successful where we launch a campaign to work towards multiple sources of income.  One grant application and one source of funding are good but it is better to have multiple sources to endure and sustain the organization to keep the doors open.


2. ASSIST - Creating a Successful Program.

When non-profits are unsuccessful they need to take a step back on creating their program and program components.  We take the time to write out these components to help with the success of the program.  We start with mission first and move towards outcomes.  1: Mission 2: Goals 3: Measurable Outcomes.

3. CONFIRMATION - Agree on a Scope of Work.

After discussing many ways towards sustainability, we agree on how to sustain the organization in funding.


4. MOVING FORWARD - Identify Funders.

We move forward with the identification of funding sources and research funding that the organization fulfills the mission of various funders.


5. LETTERS OF INQUIRY - Proposal Writing.

Writing proposals towards various programs or letters to funding agencies/foundations or launching a capital campaign. 


6. MARKETING - Packaging.

We will also work with various vendors that can assist in creating websites, marketing materials and all the imagery that comes along with creating a cohesive proposal. Many times this is essential in creating your look and completing your winning application. 


7. ENJOY. 


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